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A Very TImely Donation

Scarlett Garrison

Muslim Kitchen Donation.jpg

"As Americans around the USA got ready to celebrate the July 4th holiday, a group of Muslims dropped by the Window on July 3rd to donate bags of flour, sugar, some small appliances and iced tea to help replenish stocks at the Window. The Muslims are part of the Nasserpuria Memon Jamat of North America (NMJNA) and they gather at Goshen College for an annual community reunion called “Memonfest”. This year marked the 20th anniversary of their annual reunion and they were happy to be able to help the local Goshen community. 

The families come from different parts of the USA and Canada and share a common ancestry from Kenya, Africa. They are a peace-loving group and the tradition of sharing and caring is deep rooted within their religion and culture. Feeding the hungry and helping the needy is one of the main teachings of Islam and the NMJNA team was happy to be of help.

The members of NMJNA would like to thank all the staff and volunteers who devote their time and resources to the Window and make a difference every single day. These are the true superheroes and we are very blessed to be able to help them in a small way!" ~Azmina Salyani

We are so grateful to have received such a timely donation, and to have had the opportunity to give this thoughtful group a peek first hand into what we do at The Window on a daily basis. It is the mindful caring and generosity of those near and far that allows us to continue our mission in serving this community.