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Brunch and Blankets

Scarlett Garrison

Markeus Horst Blankets.jpg

Markeus Horst is a young man on a mission. A mission to make as many blankets as he can for our upcoming Christmas Eve Brunch in which our guests can choose between a Turkey or Ham( depending upon donations) as well as receive a blanket. Let me say, that these are not your average run of the mill blankets. Markeus’s blankets are made with thick fleece fabric in an array of colors and designs, but most importantly, I believe a little bit of love is sewed into each and every one of them. For the past three years, Markeus has provided us with a substantial amount of blankets for the giveaway, and he stated that the motivating force behind his generous donation is the joy it brings him while helping hand them out. He and his mother, Mary Ann, have assisted with the distribution for the past two years and plan to take part in the occasion again this December.                                                             

 What began as a hobby to keep him busy during the long winter evenings quickly turned into a way to help many who are without adequate warmth during the cold nights. He told me he has perfected his craft and now has it down to a science; from start to finish each blanket takes exactly 8 minutes and 40 seconds to make. At this point he has sewn 110 blankets, but assured us he will have many more before the brunch. If you get the chance, stop in and have brunch with us and be sure you say hello to this amazing young man.