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Goshen Middle School Penny War

Scarlett Garrison

Goshen Middle School started the first week of November with a declaration of war-a penny war that is. Pennies were collected throughout the week and counted as positive points while all silver and paper money counted as negative. The class with the highest points by the end of the week won a pizza party, and the class with the highest points in each remaining grade received a donut party. A goal of $500 was set, but these students were on fire, and by the end of the week had collected $1,505.20. The students not only superseded their goal, but last year’s amount of $885.84 as well. Perhaps, this had something to do with not only the pizza and donut parties, but if they reached their goal, students and staff would get to vote for one of the administrators to wear a turkey suit before Thanksgiving ( congrats to Mr. John Hunziker).

Nathan Swihart’s 7th grade PE class took first place. Bryan Kauffman’s 8th grade History class took second and Marilyn Mason’s 6th grade Choir class came in third. Mr. Kauffman’s class decided to donate the money that it would cost for the donut party to The Window, which bumped the total collected up to $1,535.20!

Collections were counted by staff and students daily and took up to 3 hours, but was worth it to keep the rivalry going. It’s important to note that student, Jessie Iniguez was faithfull in helping with the counts all week, and the group felt they couldn’t have done it without him. Therefore, Jessie was given the honor of presenting the check to The Window Executive Director, Ed Swartley.

We are so thankful for the generous donation and greatly impressed by the students initiative and enthusiasm.

Penny Wars Group.jpg
Penny Wars- Ed and Inrequiz.jpg
Penny Wars-Turkey Suit.jpg