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Mini Martin was in the house!

Scarlett Garrison

We had surprise visitors this morning. In celebration of the Reformation’s 500th Anniversary, Faith Lutheran Church of Goshen is doing something rather unique. Church members are taking turns going out into communities, visiting and taking photos of people with a very important representative. You may be wondering who this very important representative is, well let me tell you.  He is by far the cutest little stuffed doll I have ever seen but he’s more than just that. He’s a doll that resembles the founder of the Reformation, Martin Luther. “Mini Martin” as he is fondly referred to, has been traveling about with families getting his picture taken with all walks of life, and his travels are extensive. He’s even been to Ireland! This week his traveling companions are Raymond and Marie Jorgeson, and they are visiting those who work in the service industry. Mini Martin has had his photo snapped with restaurant workers, a police man and a garbage man. Where would we be without our garbage collectors?!  Raymond and Marie thought it would be nice to snap a photo of Mini Martin with someone here at The Window, and considering the many ways our kitchen serves the community, Katie’s Kitchen crew gave the perfect pose for their collection.  

It was a fun way to start the day, and I’ve been wondering all afternoon where I can get one of those dolls!