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Generosity Day

Scarlett Garrison

 There was a great deal of excitement at Parkside Elementary School yesterday as the 4th Graders assembled in Mrs. Brookins room, to create the “famous” oatmeal and chocolate chip cookie mix in a jar, as part of their “Generosity Day.” Not only did they put their fraction skills to the test, but they also learned about the importance of being generous.

I had a blast spending the afternoon helping them fill the jars with the cookie ingredients, and my favorite part of the day was the response one of the boy’s gave when he learned that sugar was involved. He started hopping around and said,” Hey, I can’t get too much sugar!!” I will never forget that!

When I shared with the classes what we do at The Window, and how their project was an act of generosity toward the people we serve, they seemed genuinely pleased.  I so enjoyed seeing their eyes light up, as I explained how the cookie mixes are something our pantry guests  love getting, and that last year, all the jars were gone within a few days.  In closing, I shared how I had been told by a few guests last year, that they were going to give their jars as Christmas gifts, and that put huge smiles on all their faces! I do believe these kids experienced first- hand, not only the importance of generosity, but also how wonderful the feeling of being generous is.