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Upcoming Fundraising Event

Scarlett Garrison

As we draw nearer to next week's fundraising event, I am delighted to receive the beautifully creative paintings as they come in, and I continue to be impressed with the amount of time each person has taken in their busy lives to create these pieces of art. Their generosity of gifts and talent to help The Window raise funds amazes and deeply touches my heart. Each painting is truly as unique as the person who created it and I absolutely love that!

I would like to share with you an interesting encounter I had with a woman last week. She expressed quite enthusiastically with me the desire the Lord had placed on her heart to create greeting cards. She is quite an artist and I encouraged her to go for it. I might also add that almost within the same breath, I began my standard recruiting speech to paint a window for the auction. She was hesitant, but agreed to think about it. Two days later she had a window in hand and set off to paint a masterpiece. As I reflected upon our conversation, I was reminded of the parable of sowing and reaping and how when God calls us to do something He always provides a seed. In this dear lady's case, much to our benefit, her seed is using her artistic talent to create a painting for our fundraiser. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to watch how her harvest comes about.